AS / A2

As one of the most fundamental determinants in university admissions, A-levels are pivotal academic milestones. The curriculum is divided into two years – AS and A2 – and pupils are assessed through examinations and coursework. All university programmes detail specific entry requirements and with improvements in students’ results, being accepted onto your chosen course is now more challenging than ever.

The introduction of the A* grade has intensified the competition and raised the bar of academic excellence. It is a means for universities to differentiate between very good and excellent applicants, and as such, its attainment is tremendously difficult. Our specialist tutors are familiar with not only the subject at hand, but also the syllabi and unique features of each examination board. We allocate tutors that are familiar and experienced with the examination board, often having sat the same paper themselves in the past. In this way, we believe that their experience and understanding of all of the techniques and methods associated with that particular examination gives talented students the best possible chance of achieving the A* grade.

Our tutors are able to service the unique A-Level needs of each client, ranging from building confidence in the subject material to understanding the most complex concepts in order to achieve the highest grade.