Taught over two years, GCSEs act as the first real measure of a pupil's academic performance and intellectual ability. To gain entry into any Sixth Form or college, a student’s GCSE performance is of paramount importance, and high achievement in these examinations can lead to successful applications to prestigious and competitive schools. GCSEs are internationally recognised accreditations that are being increasingly used by universities to differentiate between candidates in their application process. Consequently, the performance on these examinations can have real implications on a student’s opportunities in further education.

The vast majority of GCSE subjects for specific examination boards require the completion of a coursework component as part of the assessment. As such, the performance on these items of coursework can significantly affect a pupil's final grade. As part of our GCSE-related service, Expert Tuition provides high-level coursework support so that students are assisted in every step of the process.

What is often understated is the difficulty in managing an array of subjects ranging from Mathematics to Spanish. The variety in subjects is matched by the range of examination boards: Edexcel, OCR and AQA, to name but a few. We allocate tutors who are familiar with both the subject material and the examination board. Consequently, every assigned tutor has a thorough understanding of the syllabus, examination techniques and past paper trends.

The International GCSE, or IGCSE, was introduced for international use, as foreign schools perceived the UK GCSE examination to be unsuitable. Subsequently, whilst the academic standards of the IGCSE are on par with those of the GCSE, there exist significant differences in both syllabus material and schemes of assessment. Schools are increasingly adopting the IGCSE to enhance their students' academic prospects. We require all tutors to attend compulsory training on the IGCSE, and as such, they are familiar with the intricacies of the syllabi for their subject of expertise. The training is delivered by tutors who have either had first-hand experience sitting the examinations abroad or previously taught pupils for the IGCSE.