Interview Preparation

Our scope as a company extends beyond the educational spectrum, and includes tackling challenges commonly faced in the professional world. The most frequently recurring and pivotal obstacle when applying for any position is that of the interview stage. An individual's experiences, skill set and education are their most valuable assets, but many candidates often find it difficult to articulate, present and showcase themselves to best reflect their qualities.

Our One-to-One Interview Preparation Service is centred on a client's Curriculum Vitae, and offers personal and tailored advice from our interview consultants. We are able to provide this service by ensuring that all consultants either have previous experience in the Human Resources sector of that specific industry, or have themselves successfully attained the same, or similar, positions. As part of our service, we provide job-specific advice, mock interview(s) and meticulous feedback to enhance the development of the candidate.

Additionally, we also run regular Group Workshops focused on honing interview technique. Psychologists believe that lasting first impressions are formulated within the first minute of meeting candidates. Aspects such as body language, facial expressions and tone of voice can often be as important in the interview as dialogue. Our courses are led by expert consultants that deliver a masterclass in the nuances and intricacies of successful interview technique, addressing finer details such as the introductory handshake and broader indicators of confidence, including pace and clarity of delivery.