Our Approach

Our guiding principles are encapsulated under our PACE framework:

Preparation – We place great importance on the value of a clearly defined and well-prepared programme, devised by us to meet the specific needs of each individual. By creating a plan in close collaboration with the student, we are able to track and monitor an individual’s progress with the aim of ensuring meaningful progress. All of our tutors, consultants and specialists subscribe to this notion and will arrive at the first session tasked with completing the Expert Tuition Progress Plan.

Achievement - The training we provide to our tutors centres on equipping them with the most effective techniques through which to obtain successful results. Our experiences have allowed us to pinpoint the most productive and results-driven methods for learning that permit individuals to achieve their potential.

Communication - We regard this as pivotal to the identity of Expert Tuition and its purpose to our approach is two-fold. Primarily, our tutors are selected for their ability to effectively communicate complex ideas in a variety of simple and digestible ways. Additionally, we believe that a close relationship between tutor, student and parents/guardians is a key determinant in achieving the goals set out in the Expert Tuition Progress Plan. By actively co-ordinating with parents/guardians, we are able to accurately monitor progress, ensure that both the student and tutor are meeting their objectives, and as a result, promote self-development and foster an environment that encourages organic learning.

Experience - We firmly believe that those individuals best placed to provide high-quality tuition are those who themselves have overcome the same obstacles, and as such, can call upon those important experiences to add value to their teaching. To this end, tutors are assigned to clients, wherever possible, who have themselves taken the same examination under the same examination board, as well as having excelled in teaching the material to previous students. This combination ensures that tutors are armed with the knowledge, techniques and requisite skills, gained through first-hand experience of learning and teaching, to deliver a service that best prepares students to tackle the challenges before them.