Recruitment Process

Our tutors, consultants and specialists are the flag-bearers of Expert Tuition Limited, and as such, great emphasis is placed upon the selection process. We acknowledge that each service that we provide requires its own specific skillset, and we aim to identify those applicants that best possess these requisite qualities. In addition, there are several core competencies that we look for in all applicants for each role:

  • Communication skills – it is essential that applicants possess clarity of expression, a capacity to explain complex concepts from various angles and an ability to adapt their tone and pace to cater for the needs of each client.

  • Experience – we look for, but do not limit our scope to, individuals who have had previous tutoring experience. A strong track record is preferable as it demonstrates a successful teaching approach. However, applicants with little or no tutoring experience should not be deterred from applying. Our recruitment team seeks to identify a variety of integral skills and competencies that we believe are essential in delivering our range of services. Should you meet these, Expert Tuition Limited is committed in providing training to allow you to channel these qualities into becoming a successful tutor.

  • Proficiency – applicants must possess a very strong understanding of the subject material for the service for which they wish to be considered. We demand academic excellence in that specific subject(s)/area(s) of expertise, and often assign tutors who have themselves sat the exact same examination for which the client is being prepared.

Our assessment of a prospective tutor extends beyond the minimum requirement of academic excellence. This includes a candidate’s level of application in both extra-curricular activities and the professional world. We are interested in finding out about these experiences since they are excellent signals of character traits, life skills and a multitude of qualities that will help identify the best candidates.

The stages of the recruitment process are as follows:

  1. Submit online application.

  2. Upon receiving an application, candidates are screened, and if successful, are invited to partake in a short competency-based telephone interview.

  3. All candidates that pass the telephone interview stage are invited to attend a face-to-face interview that will include a role-play exercise.*

  4. Candidates are informed of the verdict in writing. Successful candidates are required to attend a mandatory Expert Tuition Limited introductory seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to convey and outline Expert Tuition Limited business protocol, collect evidence of certificates of education and verify the candidate’s right to work in the UK. We require all tutors to have an enhanced CRB check dated no older than two years. If an applicant does not possess this, there will be an opportunity to complete this at the seminar.

  5. Once all of these stages have been completed successfully, individuals are placed onto the Expert Tuition Limited Tutor Database and will be considered for roles as and when they arise.

* As part of the invitation to attend a face-to-face interview, candidates will be given preparatory material for the role-play exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to identify teaching techniques, content knowledge and clarity of expression, amongst other key requisites.