University education is invariably a significant step up from the rigours and demands of pre-university life. With no set examination boards, each university adopts a unique approach to their teaching and assessment of undergraduate modules. Additionally, most courses require the completion of regular essays, presentations and courseworks – some of which may count towards a student’s final grade.

Attaining competitive grades throughout university life has taken on added importance. An individual’s academic performance in their first year directly influences their ability to secure internships and work placement opportunities at reputable firms. Similarly, there are strict entry requirements put in place by firms for their graduate positions. As such, the performance of penultimate and final year students can determine the nature of the opportunities available to them upon graduation.

Wherever possible, we allocate tutors that have not only studied the same topics at university level, but have also attended the same university. In this way, our tutors are acutely aware of, and familiar with, the exact requirements and assessment criteria to best prepare their students. This service extends to all UK universities.