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Expert Tuition is one of the UK’s leading providers of private tutoring and tailored education advice

Established in London in 2012, our gifted tutors have helped students succeed academically and ultimately embark on successful careers in their chosen field.

We sincerely believe every student can achieve academically. Our expert private tutoring enables students of all ages to realize educational potential.  We focus on making education enjoyable and allowing the students to think independently, whether through one-to-one tutoring or our revision courses. Our tutors strive to inspire confidence and resilience, both in the exam room and in life.

In addition to tutoring, we provide parents and students with tailored educational advice for their requirements and aspirations. For example, we’ve provided hundreds of families with expert admissions advice to help them get into some of the UK’s most prestigious schools and universities. For over a decade, our experience in the education sector has enabled us to provide specialist advice for parents and students.

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Philosophy & Values

A great tutor does more than teach, a great tutor inspires your child’s future

Tailored Tuition

Every child is unique. We understand their educational needs, special interests, and personality from the first interaction to guarantee a personalised experience that enhances their potential. As a result, we can match your child to the perfect suitable tutor.

Expert Tutors

We handpick only the best tutors for our students. Our tutors are intellectually gifted and are graduates from UK’s top universities. Our selection procedure assesses tutors’ ability to explain complex concepts, interpersonal skills, and capacity to engage students.

Holistic Approach

We are responsible for your child’s academic success. A holistic approach ensures your child completes the curriculum faster than in school. School teachers reinforce concepts that they have already learnt with their tutor. This solidifies their learning and boosts confidence.

Duty of Care

Our tutors ensure that your child has an enriching experience to help them reach their potential. Tutors submit reports regularly, which parents and our team can access at any time. All of our tutors have an enhanced DBS and follow our safeguarding policy.

World Class Advice

Our education consultants have extensive knowledge of the British educational system. We demystify the process and guide you through each stage of your child’s academic journey, from selecting the perfect prep school to finding the best university.

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“A highly ambitious…and aspirational (they really want their tutees to shine) belt-and-braces tutoring service that genuinely cares both for its clients and tutors.”
The Good Schools Guide is the UK’s number one school guide, helping parents in every aspect of choosing the best education for their children.


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