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For parents who want to give their children a more tailored home school education.

Expert Tuition’s home-schooling programme is designed to help each child realise their full potential by outlining clear goals and objectives collaboratively from the start.

We take a comprehensive approach to your child’s education and design a programme specifically for them. Our programmes are created with children in mind, so they can learn to think critically, solve problems creatively, and develop skills for long-term success.

Your children will be able to pursue their interests while also developing important skills such as reading comprehension, math fluency, and critical thinking. And all of this takes place in the privacy of your own home!

We offer the homeschooling programme at your house or online.

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Home Education Plan UK - Expert Tuition

Our Process


A home-schooling consultation for you and your child. The session is designed to help you understand your goals and circumstances. The consultation may include a mini-assessment to help us plan your child’s academic journey.

Bespoke Tuition

Our tutors have a track record of success. We will pair your child with a subject specialist. For younger kids, we stick to the basics. GCSE students usually have 5 tutors working with them. We provide each family with a bespoke study schedule.

Weekly Reports

Our smart reporting system keeps both tutors and parents informed of your child’s progress. The reports provide an analytical and detailed view of progress. It allows us to identify issues and work together to achieve stage one goals.

Checking In

We regularly assess students as part of our package to collect data and track progress. We test younger children to familiarise them with exam conditions and to address any issues they may have working under pressure.

Extra Curricular

We assign a team member to plan cultural excursions and extracurricular activities. Our program seeks to develop well-rounded leaders who can thrive in a variety of settings.

Exam Registration

Where possible, our team will handle the exam registration for your child. For those who are sitting public exams, we will take care of the registration process and handle the logistics.

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Why Choose Us?

A holistic approach to your child’s education

Our tutoring is tailored to your individual needs

Our tutors are available in-person and online

Over 10 years of success in the education sector

All our tutors are hand-picked and qualified

Education experts to help you at every stage

We all know that children are our future, but it can be hard to give them the best education when you’re working long hours.

Most families attempt to teach their children at home, but this is frequently a stressful and difficult process for all parties involved.

It’s not just about learning math or English; it’s also about making sure your child stays engaged in what they’re doing and doesn’t lose interest, which can happen quickly if you try to do everything independently.

Expert Tuition provides a tailored home education plan that addresses your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to excel in their studies truly. First, we assist you in identifying your child’s unique abilities, personality traits, interests, and goals, and then we design a home education plan around them!

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