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We’ve helped hundreds of students and parents attain their educational goals.

At the heart of everything we do is a genuine belief that every student has the potential to excel academically.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is to receive feedback from delighted students parents. But, don’t just take our word for it, read for yourself…

The revision sessions were absolutely incredible. They not only covered the content in the course in depth, but also taught me exam technique so that I was aware of how to achieve a high grade. They were really valuable and I would highly recommend the classes to other students.

Leeron Haffner
Former student at North London Collegiate School (NLCS) and currently studying Land Economy at the University of Cambridge

Having struggled with Economics at AS, I decided to attend the Easter Booster Courses in my A2 year to strengthen my economic knowledge and prepare me towards an A at A-Level. The courses were very worthwhile as they not only consolidated my knowledge but also improved my understanding in weaker areas. The in-depth notes alongside the past paper questions, numerous essay plans and exam technique tips helped me feel more confident going into my Economics exams and further boosted my grade to an unexpected A*! Thank you for all your help over the last couple of months!

Former Haberdasher Aske’s Girls’ student, now studying at LSE

We have had the pleasure of working closely with Expert Tuition over the past year. Their service has been exemplary and highly professional and the quality of the tutors has been very high. Ahmed Alaskary has been extremely helpful in understanding the needs of the school and he has provided tutors to teach whole classes in A level Economics and Politics as well as tutors for individual students who were not making the expected progress.

Mrs. Katherine Brice
Headteacher at Hasmonean High School for Girls

Several people told me that my ambition to study Economics at university was unrealistic… I’d felt extremely disheartened and was very unsure on what to study at university. A friend of mine who had done extremely well told me that he had been tutored through Expert Tuition and had also attended their revision courses, so I got in touch and decided to re-take all four papers in my gap year. As you can see from the photo, I went from a C to an A*! A huge factor was how much Ahmed (one of the directors of Expert Tuition) helped me and spent time rebuilding my confidence. Thank you so much!

Former student at JFS and currently studying Maths & Economic at Sussex University

“A highly ambitious…and aspirational (they really want their tutees to shine) belt-and-braces tutoring service that genuinely cares both for its clients and tutors.”

I entrusted my child to the teaching skills of Expert Tuition and, thus, to some of the most professional, insightful, caring and gracious tutors I have ever met: a pleasure to welcome into my home; a privilege to discuss my child’s progress with and every endeavour to tailor the supreme tuition to my child’s individual needs and aspirations. We now look forward to the exam results not in trepidation, but with confidence supported in the knowledge that Expert Tuition have indeed fulfilled their promise to nurture and prepare my daughter – both academically, as well as emotionally – to be able to perform to the very best of her ability. I have a very happy child at the end of stressful exams; there is nothing more a parent could wish for and I cannot bestow any higher praise upon Expert Tuition.

Parent of child who had A-Level tuition and went onto graduate from the University of Oxford with a First Class Honours

Not only did I excel in my studies, with the tuitions help, I was getting better grades after each submission. I am so happy I was recommended this tuition company, you will not be disappointed at all.

Ihsan Ismail

The classes last year were instrumental to my exam success. They allowed me to revisit content in a succinct and efficient manner helping me master the tougher topics. Moreover, they helped me master exam technique and refine my own skills ensuring I picked up extra marks in the exam. The brilliant teachers are both attentive and inspiring making the courses more interesting. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to master exam technique and achieve a top grade!

Aliyah Padhani
Former student at Haberdasher Aske’ Girls’ and now studying at the University of Cambridge

Expert Tuition truly transformed my academic studies this past year. The incredible teaching and structure of the courses gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed in every paper I sat. I couldn’t more strongly recommend their courses, which for the difference they will make to your grades, is most definitely worth the money.

Sam Barnett
Achieved A*A*A* in his A-Level exams

Noah scored a 9 in his GCSE Maths exam and I have no doubt that your tutor (Michael) played a huge role. Thank you so so so so much. I am such a delighted mother!


The courses I attended were always engaging, to the point, and enjoyable. After attending one course, I told some of my friends such as Jemima and Yuval, and they too were thoroughly impressed. It’s worth every penny.

Joe Kleeman
Former student at Highgate School

The combination of one-to-one tuition and the classroom courses were a huge factor in me attaining an A* grade for my A-Level exams. Since then, I have also used Expert Tuition for university Econometrics modules whilst studying at Bristol and they have never let me down – I would strongly recommend them.

Sam Shooter
Former student at JFS

The A2 Economics courses I attended ensured I was more than ready for my exams. The thorough explanation provided on all topics throughout the syllabus made me feel confident when it came to applying these to questions. The tutor had his own simple step-by-step methods to guarantee maximum marks as well as a deep understanding of every topic. The support extended beyond the classroom: I received constant reassuring texts, additional material and was able to call at anytime to ask questions. I am so heavily indebted to you for my A* and I cannot recommend attending the classes enough. Thank you so much for all your help.

Sol Schlagman
Former student at UCS and currently studying at UCL

Both my husband and I work full time jobs and were struggling to prepare our daughter for her common entrance exam. Expert Tuition provided us with a well-experienced and friendly tutor. Sophia got on very well with our daughter and helped to build her confidence. We are delighted that she was successful getting into our first choice!


The booster courses are unbelievably helpful. A thorough step-by-step guide for the courses I attended made me confident of both content and exam technique when it came to doing the real thing. The rigorous courses like the ones I took perfectly supplemented my school work, and I definitely look forward to using the service again.

Layla Al-Kateb
Former student at Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls and currently studying at LSE