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Our expert Aptitude Test tutors will have received at least a 90% on a timed exam as part of their assessment.

We offer one-on-one sessions with an expert Aptitude Test tutor who will help you prepare for these important tests. Our tutors are experts in their field and have helped students from all over the world achieve their goals of getting into schools, universities, internships and post-grad job placements.

Expert Tuition provides tailored practice materials for each aptitude test (Numerical, Verbal and Abstract reasoning) and level of difficulty, ensuring that you only learn what is relevant to you and concentrate on areas where development is most needed. This improves study efficiency, allowing students to get greater results faster than ever before!

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Employers use aptitude tests, also known as psychometric tests, to assess a candidate’s skill and eligibility for a profession. The goal of the exams is to screen applicants and advance only the most remarkable candidates to the final stages of the recruiting process. Companies are increasingly using aptitude exams for internal recruiting and promotions.

The tests you will take will vary depending on the role and the company, but they will usually include one or more of the following:

Numerical Reasoning

Candidates’ comprehension of numerical, statistical, financial, and graphical data is assessed via numerical reasoning tests. The test would typically consist of 18-20 questions and last between 17 and 25 minutes.

This test is frequently used for candidates who must analyse data as part of their position and who must operate under pressure.

Verbal Reasoning

Candidates must understand and make logical deductions based on written data in verbal reasoning tests. Candidates are given a passage of written information, which may be centred on the industry’s intricacies to which they are applying, and then asked to answer questions based on the information. The test comprises 25-30 questions and lasts 16-20 minutes.

The test is frequently used for applicants who must critically analyse written content and/or have a solid command of the English language.

Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning tests examine candidates’ capability to solve problems and deal with new information. They must think intellectually and logically, and they frequently use shapes and patterns to do so. In addition, it assesses a candidate’s ability to think laterally and fluidly. The test usually consists of 20-24 questions and lasts 22-25 minutes.

The test is good for determining a candidate’s ability to learn new abilities rapidly, think strategically about challenges, and analyse new information.

Expert Tuition recognises the critical necessity of passing these tests and, as a result, provides high-quality tutoring to students preparing to take any form of psychometric test.

Tutors have firsthand experience taking these examinations and effectively exhibiting high aptitude. This experience is essential when teaching problem-solving and analytical thinking techniques and methods — critical abilities in earning competitive scores.

Our expert aptitude test tutors will have received at least a 90% on a timed exam as part of their assessment. However, this is insufficient for us to hire them. In addition, we need all tutors to complete a roleplay teaching evaluation in which they teach a lesson. As a result, only instructors who teach the approaches and strategies are hired and given additional training.

Timing has proven to be the most challenging aspect of these aptitude tests in our experience. The majority of candidates tell us that they struggle to finish all of the questions in the time provided. To that end, our tutors provide the most value since they not only walk candidates through each type of question and offer them a step-by-step strategy to answering that question, but they also show them how to get at the answer in the smallest amount of time.

This is the most frequently requested question regarding aptitude test tuition. In reality, it is determined by several factors, including:

First, how many tests will you need to take for the position you’ve applied for.

Second, your starting point individuals who are already quite proficient at the tests and need a little fine-tuning will require fewer hours than a candidate who hasn’t done any arithmetic in several years. Third, the more practise you do outside of your tutoring sessions, the fewer hours you’ll need with your instructor. Practice, as with most assessments, makes perfect.

In a nutshell, it is impossible to predict how many hours each applicant will need. Still, our instructors will monitor your preparation to ensure you have the best opportunity of getting high scores.