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A growing number of schools have begun to offer their students the Cambridge Pre-University (Pre-U) qualification as an alternative to A-Levels.

The exams, like A-Levels, are taken at the end of the second year of study (Year 13). Even though the certification is relatively new, we represent a small group of talented Pre-U tutors who have, in most cases, taken the exams themselves.

Expert Tuition specialises in developing students’ academic potential and regularly assisting pupils in achieving high marks.

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The Pre-U qualification, taught over two years, is an alternative to A-Levels or IB. The qualification has developed a strong reputation for preparing students for the rigours of university.

As of 2021, there were 25 principal subjects available for students to take. Some schools offer their students the opportunity to combine A-Level subjects with Pre-U subjects, but for those who exclusively do the Pre-U, students typically do 3-4 subjects.

If a minimum of 3 Pre-U subjects is taken alongside a course in Global Perspectives and Research, students will attain a Cambridge Pre-U Diploma.

You can find the full list of subjects here.

Grades range from Distinction 1 (D1) through to U (Ungraded). The benchmark with which Pre-U grades are understood and compared are A-Level grades. The breakdown is as follows:

Distinction 1 (D1) – higher than an A* grade at A-Level
Distinction 2 (D2) – equivalent to an A* at A-Level
Distinction 3 (D3) – equivalent to an A grade at A-Level
Merit 1 (M1) – slightly lower than an A but higher than a B at A-Level
Merit 2 (M2) – slightly higher than a B grade at A-Level
Merit 3 (M3) – equivalent to a C grade at A-Level
Pass 1 (P1) – equivalent to a C grade at A-Level
Pass 2 (P2) – equivalent to a D grade at A-Level
Pass 3 (P3) – equivalent to an E grade at A-Level
Ungraded (U) – fail