Tutor Selection

All our tutors are selected to the highest standards

Tutor selection & training

We handpick tutors who embody our educational philosophy & values.

A great tutor possesses more than just an impressive CV and academic qualifications. We believe a great tutor can inspire, spark curiosity and shape a student’s future.

We use a stringent selection process to ensure all our tutors are of the highest calibre. We place a high value on a tutor’s positive psychological impact, with confidence building being a key component of our approach.

Our Process

1. Application and Video Interview

Our recruiters assess each application based on academic performance, teaching experience and quality of the written application. Each applicant prepares a pre-recorded video interview assessed by our HR and recruitment officer. They look to get a better understanding of the applicants personality and fit.

2. Class Roleplay

If they pass the written application and video interview, we invite them to a face-to-face interview where we ask the applicant to prepare a segment of a lesson for their chosen subject and level.  Here, we assess their content knowledge, lesson structure, use of software, personality and ability to break down complex concepts, involve the student, instil academic confidence and adapt to students who may be struggling.

3. Pre-selection

Tutors who pass the roleplay exercises are not hired until they have cleared an enhanced DBS check, that is at least two years old and are asked to provide a professional reference and proof of academic qualifications. In addition, tutors are required to have an understanding of our safeguarding policy and have access to our Safeguarding Officer who provides support and training, as needed.

4. Final Selection

We only hire tutors that meet our standards and adhere to our educational philosophy or at least have a strong potential, and this where we train them to reach those levels, which involves providing them with in-depth feedback and putting them through detailed one-to-one training seminars. Tutors are invited to perform further role-play exercises, sometimes up to six, until we are satisfied with their ability.

5. Group Training

Using our decades of experience in tutoring, we make sure all tutors adhere to the fundamental universal truths that apply when it comes to tuition, whilst respecting that each tutor will also have their own unique style and approach. The training program was founded on an understanding that an exceptional tutor, aside from having subject knowledge, is also capable of inspiring a student for life beyond academia. The program explores the important of involving students throughout sessions and teaches techniques to increase academic confidence and emphasises on the psychology of tuition.

6. Individual Training

In addition to the compulsory group training sessions that we conduct, we also offer one-to-one training for tutors upon request so that we can give them personal feedback and advice.

7. Training Webinar

Due to the significant move towards online tuition, we have also put together a separate training webinar for tutors guiding them through various EdTech platforms that they can use for their online sessions. 

8. Ongoing Support

One of the most pleasing aspects of the Good Schools Guide report was that tutors felt that they were supported and looked after. We touch base with our tutors on a regular basis, provide advice and offer support in every way we can.  We produce in-house materials and teaching resources that tutors have access to and we consistently strive to make the experience of working at Expert Tuition a pleasant and rewarding one. 

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