Oxbridge Applications

Expert admissions advice for Oxbridge applications

Our admissions advice team can assist you in choosing between Oxford and Cambridge, the area of study, as well as writing your personal statement and interview preparation

Oxford and Cambridge are the UK’s most prestigious universities and are renowned for their academic excellence. They offer world-class teaching and research, as well as opportunities to study abroad or take up work placements in some of the best companies in the world.

All of our Oxbridge consultants are graduates, allowing them to provide invaluable inside knowledge of the complexities of the Oxbridge application process. We have helped students apply successfully to both universities for courses such as Medicine, Computer Science, Economics and Law. Our experts know exactly what it takes to succeed at Oxbridge, so we will work closely with you until your application is perfect.

Our Oxbridge admissions advice team is carefully selected and thoroughly trained. Everyone gets a specialist who studied the same subject at the same university and went to the same college. This matching process allows the service to be tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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Both Oxford and Cambridge require applicants to undertake course-specific admissions tests such as TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) or MLAT (Mathematics Admissions Test). Tuition can be provided by our exceptional Oxbridge tutors to help students improve their chances of performing well in these tests. 

The interview is conducted between you and the tutor who teaches the course for which you wish to apply. The interview is an opportunity for you to explain why you are a good fit for the course.

Depending on the university, you may be required to complete a written or oral assignment.

For the majority of candidates, this can be an unnerving and unfamiliar experience.

Our interview preparation with candidates involves both technique sessions and mock interviews with detailed feedback. While we cannot predict what questions will be asked, our consultants can certainly help by honing key interview skills and importantly, training candidates to articulate their thoughts out loud. For more challenging questions, the interviewer is not necessarily looking for a correct answer, but rather looking to see how a student works through a problem and how they articulate their thoughts and respond to relevant guidance.