International Tutors

International tutoring tailored your family’s needs & lifestyle

Our International Tutors reside with or near the family, delivering a reliable and consistently exceptional education to their children

Our tutors are available for both short-term and long-term placements. In addition, our full-time travelling tutors design flexible learning plans around your family’s needs and lifestyle.

International homeschooling is for families who spend part or all of the academic year overseas yet wish to follow the British education system. Our tutors are experts in the British system and work directly with each family to deliver a personalised service that puts your child first.

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International Tutors - Expert Tuition

Our Process


A home-schooling consultation for you and your child. The session is designed to help you understand your goals and circumstances. The consultation may include a mini-assessment to help us plan your child’s academic journey.

Bespoke Tuition

Our tutors have a track record of success. We will pair your child with a subject specialist. For younger kids, we stick to the basics. GCSE students usually have 5 tutors working with them. We provide each family with a bespoke study schedule.

Weekly Reports

Our smart reporting system keeps both tutors and parents informed of your child’s progress. The reports provide an analytical and detailed view of progress. It allows us to identify issues and work together to achieve stage one goals.

Mini Assessments

We regularly assess students as part of our package to collect data and track progress. We test younger children to familiarise them with exam conditions and to address any issues they may have working under pressure.

Extra Curricular

We assign a team member to plan cultural excursions and extracurricular activities. Our program seeks to develop well-rounded leaders who can thrive in a variety of settings.

Exam Registration

Where possible, our team will handle the exam registration for your child. For those who are sitting public exams, we will take care of the registration process and handle the logistics.

Why Choose Us?

Holistic Approach

We consider every aspect of your education to ensure your overall confidence, growth and success.

Personalised Tutoring

Our tutoring services are designed specifically to meet your child’s unique learning needs and goals.

Flexible Learning

Our tutors are available for both in-person and online sessions, providing convenience and accessibility.

Proven Record

With over 10 years of success in the education sector, we have the experience to deliver exceptional results.

Qualified Tutors

All of our tutors are hand-picked, well-qualified, and dedicated to providing the highest level of support.

Expert Guidance

We are here to assist you throughout your child’s academic journey, from school selection to university admissions.



  • Your child can access tuition at a time and in an environment convenient for them
  • The curriculum is completely tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • As a parent, you now have the opportunity to be far more involved in your child’s education, despite travel commitments
  • Your child or children will be the sole focus of the tutor, which can accelerate learning and development
  • It can plug any gaps in learning your child has, as a result of missing the traditional academic year

Short-term holiday tuition

Our clients’ families frequently take advantage of the summer vacation to give their children a competitive advantage. These quick assignments are meant to help your child get a head start or catch up if they have fallen behind.

Long-term assignments

Our dedicated residential tutors can create a long-term tuition programme for your child, whether they are home-schooled or have an in-house tutor. Having a dedicated support structure around your child is extremely beneficial, both academically and outside the classroom.