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Aldo studied at Geography and the University of Cambridge (2014-2017), and completed a masters in International Political Economy at LSE in 2018. He has over five years of tutoring experience teaching Geography, Politics, and helping students prepare for entrance exams and their university admissions process.

Teaching Experience and Approach

Aldo prioritises active, engaged learning and confidence building, finding that many students begin lessons slightly overwhelmed by the content. Geography is a content heavy subject requiring detailed notes and analysis of both science and the humanities.

Focusing on building a good rapport rather than verbatim note taking gives the student plenty of time to ask questions and build their confidence in talking about key themes within the subject. This helps independent study outside of tutoring sessions, a key skill for students to build so they can revise effectively and prepare for university. Aldo also provides students with high level notes and runs separate sessions devoted solely to building the skills required for advanced revision methods.

Aldo encourages his students to voice their opinions and ask any questions they may have during the lesson, followed by consolidating their knowledge through weekly exam style questions (marked and handed back at the next lesson). This style requires extremely active participation from both student and tutor and offers the best chance of achieving the desired grades at exam time, and best practice for future study.

Using WhatsApp communication allows Aldo to help with any queries students may have outside lesson time, and he is more than happy to provide weekly or monthly progress updates to parents.

Why Tutoring?

I have learnt so much throughout my tutoring career and find it a highly fulfilling and rewarding job that allows me to watch students build their knowledge, confidence and understanding in areas that they may have found extremely challenging, and even unenjoyable when we were first introduced. Receiving happy calls from students on results day having spent two years working hard with them is a really wonderful moment!


“Aldo is a walking talking encyclopedia of every aspect of Geography. He has been reliable, consistent and dedicated in building my daughters knowledge and confidence in this subject. It’s very obvious he lives and breathes this subject and thanks to him he has encouraged and my daughter to achieve an A in her A-Level.”

“Aldo was an excellent tutor for my geography A level. He not only taught me course material and gave me extended case study knowledge, but also helped to develop my essay writing. He was instrumental in me achieving an A* and I would recommend him to any geography student.”

“Amazing, reliable and friendly tutor. Cannot express in words how much he helped me get through A-Level Geography. 10/10.”

“Aldo really helped my daughter build her confidence in Politics over the two years that he tutored her. Lessons were both enjoyable and helpful, and Aldo was always reliable and timely with his marking and responses. Would highly recommend”.

“GCSE Geography – “Amazing talent. My daughter has grown ever increasingly in confidence towards her subject of Geography and has pushed her grade from a B to a potential A/A*. Always reliable and very pro-active. Would definitely recommend Aldo as a great investment.”

“Aldo was superb, he came prepared so he didn’t have to spend time in the lesson. He was great and giving my son confidence and really enabled him to do his best in his coursework. Aldo was always polite and on time. I would highly recommend Aldo. My son is super critical and really enjoyed spending time being tutored by Aldo. Thanks Aldo”

“It would have been impossible to get a 9 in my GCSE this year without Aldo’s help. Great tutor!”

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