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Andy is a highly experienced and qualified tutor, who has taught A-Level Maths and Further Maths for over two decades.

Having achieved a BA Hons in Mathematics from the University of Oxford, Andy worked in industry and government before taking a career break and studying for a PGCE in secondary Mathematics at the University of Nottingham (passed with distinction) and achieved Qualified Teacher Statue (QTS) in 2011. Teaching in both state and independent schools until 2018, she now tutors full-time, specialising in Maths, Further Maths and Physics to A Level and beyond, including MAT, PAT, and NSAA entrance exams, preparation for the British Physics Olympiad and Maths STEP exams as well as undergraduate Engineering Maths.


When people first meet Andy and ask what she does, her answer of “teacher” is often then met with “what do you teach?” – to which Andy always wants to respond with “people” as, for her, this is the most important thing as a teacher. It is not the topic that it is being taught or even the subject that is most important, it is the person that she is teaching it to. Andy focuses on the way that a pupil learns, their interests and their pace of learning.


“We are very impressed. An excellent tutor who knows her subject extremely well. Andy is very personable, knowledgeable and experienced” Parent of a Year 13 pupil

“Andy fully understands, not only the maths, but what is needed to do well in these very tricky exams. Without her, A… would never have got into Oxford. Thank you” Parent of Maths and Further Maths pupil, now at Oxford University

“What a difference to last year. Instead of thinking of giving up, I am now the one who explains it to everyone else in my class!” Year 13 A Level Pupil

“We can highly recommend Andy because we have seen a marked improvement in our daughter’s confidence and ability to problem solve over the last year” Parent of Year13 pupil applying for veterinary medicine

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