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Hashem recently graduated from UCL with a First in Chemical Engineering (Masters) and currently works as an Engineer at a catalyst manufacturing company. He took 6 AS levels achieving 5 A’s and completed 3 A Levels achieving A*and AA.


Hashem loves football and is a member of a 5-a-side football team, which also raises money to sponsor two children in need in Iraq. Giving them a chance at a future is a strong source of motivation for him. He also loves long road trips, both at home and abroad, which he feels is the best way to see new places, and has a passion for cars whether fixing them, shopping for them or learning about their new technologies.


Hashem’s adaptable approach to teaching the abstract concepts within mathematics means that each student will receive highly tailored lesson plans to ensure their potential is effectively and efficiently reached. A key part of this is building exam strategies and learning techniques together with the student to give them a true sense of ownership over their success.


Since sixth form I’ve always had an interest in becoming a tutor as I had developed a variety of unique skills, strategies and techniques for succeeding in exams that I have been eager to share. By testing and optimising these learnings during my 4 years of Engineering studies at university, I built a strong confidence in my ability to help my peers succeed in exams with me. It is an extremely rewarding feeling to help people understand new concepts and give them the confidence to take on exams with a strong mindset and it’s this impact that is core to what makes me passionate about tutoring. 

My favourite books…
I’ve recently started listening to audio books with a particular interest in self help books such as ‘Atomic Habits’ and ‘Black Box Thinking’. Just these two books alone have provided me with new ways of finding sources of motivation and managing time effectively in all aspects of life. Another interesting historical book I’ve listened to is Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan as I found it fascinating to learn about how different cultures have developed and influenced each other over the centuries.

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