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Jack graduated from the University of Exeter with a BSc in Economics and Finance (First) and a MSc in Financial Technology (First with a school commendation). When not tutoring, Jack likes to play as much sport as he possibly can – mostly hockey but also football, cricket and tennis. Having played tennis to a relatively high level in his early teens, sport has been a part of his life. He also enjoys reading and seeing friends.


Jack has tutored for two years, at a variety of different levels from pre-GCSE all the way up to University level students. Whilst studying for his Masters degree he tutored six students full time, all of whom went on to achieve an A or A* at A-Level, attending their first choice University in each case. Jack also taught three University level students all of whom went onto achieve first class honours in their respective modules.

Jack’s tutoring approach is tailored to each client, and he often finds that pupils are more likely to lack the belief in themselves than the ability to gain an A*. His approach is often centred around raising a pupils’ confidence in their own capabilities, so that they understand that they can achieve great things. Jack believes that once a pupil starts to believe that they are capable of achieving an excellent grade then the work follows, that disillusionment can often stem from concern of effort leading to no reward and that it’s his job to shift a pupil’s perspective on this.  Having said this, Jack also feels that  everyone has a different optimal way of learning material, and strives to quickly ascertain what this is in a pupil, employing different strategies to get the most out of their learning.


I’m passionate about tutoring, and have found it incredibly rewarding to aid young people in their journey to achieve their goals. At times during my younger years I was a bad student and part of the reason I’m so passionate is that I don’t want to see young people fall into the same traps that I did when I was younger. Helping them craft a path and a vision for what they want to do in life and how they to get there, is what motivates me to tutor. I also really enjoy Economics but for various reasons I think that it is taught badly in school, with little practical application. Bringing students around to enjoying the subject rather than seeing it as a chore is also what I enjoy about tutoring.

My favourite book changes every week but at the moment is probably Beyond Possible by Nimsdai Purja.

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