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I am currently completing an MA in the History of Political Thought at University College London and Queen Mary University, London. Tutoring supplements my work here and I hope to become a teaching academic historian after completing a PhD over the next half decade.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading, and walking.


Having tutored for a number of years in English Literature and Language, History, Politics and Philosophy – as well as graded Classical Guitar – James is well-versed in private tuition. A proficient writer, he has a particularly keen interest in the history of philosophy and European politics, but also a wealth of degree-level expertise in other areas of historical study, such as the colonisation of North America and the Vietnam War. James’ professional experience gives him a unique insight into the world of politics, and he has worked with a number of prominent politicians in the European elections of 2019 and Mayoral Candidate Rory Stewart in 2020.

James has specialist knowledge in the fields of 18th Century British Political, Economic and Social History and the History of Political Thought (from the pre-Enlightenment to the 20th Century).

He is particularly well-acquainted with the new EdExcel A-Level History and Politics syllabuses, as well as AQA English Literature at GCSE and A-Level.

Elsewhere, James worked for two years at an international summer school (Kingdom Education) based in a number of universities across the country, during which time he taught lessons in current affairs and politics. James also worked for a year in an English-language academy in Spain.

These experiences, along with a CELTA qualification in 2018, allows James to teach students from all over the world with varying levels of English proficiency.

Significant tutoring experiences include:

  • Helping two refugees from the Middle East gain places at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, respectively
  • Helping a number of recent immigrants to the UK achieve at least a B in English Language examinations
  • Taking a number of students from C grade to A* across a range of subjects
  • Preparing students for successful Oxbridge applications

As a young and modern tutor, I provide friendly and accessible tuition to anyone with a desire to learn. I make use of virtual Docs to provide real-time corrections and demonstrations for my students on an editable online document.

As well as this, I employ online media resources, finding that films, documentary footage and music can aid the learning process. This is particularly useful for those studying English Literature, as it enables us to make sense of the language we learn in a way that is stimulating and practical. Nonetheless, given that historical, political and philosophical issues regularly crop up in popular culture, different types of media can shed light on all of these areas of study.

I am a flexible and understanding tutor, always willing to listen to my students’ work concerns. I have no problem with them driving the direction of our study based on their specific academic needs.


I view learning as a fun and enlightening experience when it is made real for students, whichever subject they study. History, for example, is all around us, from the buildings we inhabit to the streets we walk on and the books we read. It’s this type of insight that helps us to invest in human knowledge and succeed in our studies.

My favourite books include As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee, Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin and anything by George Orwell. I am also an avid reader of history, political theory, philosophy, and other non-fiction works.


James is an excellent tutor. He makes time to ensure that he understands his pupil and the way that they best learn and then he teaches accordingly. He knows his topics really well and is really enthusiastic about them and passes that on to his pupils.

Very knowledgeable on the subject. Has good way of explaining things without patronising you. Friendly.

James has been tutoring my daughter in preparation for her history GCSE, he is a great tutor, knowledgeable, friendly and organised.

James has been working with our son on A Level History for the past few months. James is diligent, well prepared and the sessions are intensive. The most important thing however, is that he gained the trust and respect of our son very quickly and he not only looks forward to the sessions, his aspirations and his confidence have increased. This is also true of his performance.

James is very approachable and straightforward to deal with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

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