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Leo achieved a 2:1 in Economics and Finance at the University of Southampton and now has an extensive corporate sales, marketing, and investing background which helps him provide real-world context to the syllabus as he teaches it. He believes it’s important that students realise the real-world significance of what they’re learning, as well as preparing tactically for the exam.

In his spare time he reads, looks for investment opportunities, performs stand-up comedy, and writes & produces music for himself and others.


Leo is a tutor with 7 years of experience helping students achieve top grades in Economics, as well as helping them to adopt effective learning habits which stay with them for life.

His approach involves tapping into how the human memory works through a number of techniques, including visual/auditory associations, thought experiments, generating emotional spikes, and getting the student to reach their own ‘eureka!’ moments, rather than simply delivering information like their school teachers often do. Combined with good exam technique, these teaching methods ensure Leo’s students feel both passionate about the subject and battle-ready for the exam.

Leo is experienced with all the major exam boards, including OCR, AQA, and Edexcel. In the 2018/2019 academic year, 85% of his pupils achieved an A or an A* in their exams. Leo was also recommended by Expert Tuition to Hasmonean High School to teach Economics to its students.


The main reason Leo enjoys tutoring is that he finds it immensely satisfying to see students grow in confidence and see their intellect sharpen over time. He’s also fascinated by the science of learning and the art of presenting persuasive arguments. These things were integral in his sales and marketing career and he uses teaching as a means to develop his understanding further, while also passing it on to his students.

Economics A level teaches you how to drill deeper into issues using clear logical steps, evaluate both sides of an argument and prescribe well thought out policy advice – Leo believes these are rare skills to master, and graduates who do are head and shoulders above the rest once they enter the workplace, start their business ventures or whatever else they decide to devote their lives to. He finds it immensely rewarding to see his work make a real difference to people’s lives.



“Economics mega mind. No funny business, just knowledge. Leo will breathe life into your exam technique and make you the master of theory. Buckle up!” – A-Level Economics student

“Leo is the best tutor. He is especially effective at breaking down difficult topic areas and teaching essay technique (something that I will carry through to university). Lessons are well structured and engaging. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to boost their grade. Thanks Leo” – A-Level Economics student

“I’d highly recommend Leo. He’s been tutoring me for the last few months and I have enjoyed every lesson with him. Each session is highly immersive and interesting, and I entered my exams feeling confident as well as far more interested in Economics than I have been ever before” – A-Level Economics student

“Achieved my predicted grade in Economics in 2019. A year later I got a place at my 1st choice university to study Economics. Honestly, couldn’t have done it without Leo, master of exam technique!” – A-Level Economics student

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