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Matthew graduated with a 2:1 in BSc Psychology from Southampton University in 2014 and achieved AAAB at A-level in the following subjects: Economics, Politics, Psychology and English Literature. Outside of tutoring, he enjoys reading – his favourite books include: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien and Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. He has been tutoring full-time for over 5 years and has amassed in excess of 3000 hours of tutoring experience.


Matthew has been tutoring full-time since 2014 and has taught over 150 students, primarily for Economics and Psychology A-level. Most of his A-level students have attended highly competitive schools such as St Paul’s, Immanuel College, Epsom College, and Latymer and Godolphin. The overwhelming majority of his students achieve A* or A grades and go on to attend top universities such as LSE, Stanford, and UCL. He will always try to make use of exam-relevant resources in lesson and believes it is fundamental that students are taught how to apply knowledge correctly in an exam situation, rather than simply given an idea or concept and left to work out the application themselves.

He does not have a ‘set approach’ to tuition, other than to be committed, passionate and engaging in all his dealings with students. He tries instead to tailor a program to the student and the context. If he had to summarise an ‘approach’, he would say that he always aims to develop the best strategy to take in a particular situation, taking into account the time frame, the student’s confidence and goals in the subject, the weaknesses, and anything else that might give him a better picture of how to deliver the most beneficial tuition experience he can.


I have always been interested in certain topics but often felt that I lacked the external support or internal motivation to achieve my fullest potential. My parents were not academically minded, and until A-levels, the school I attended was consistently achieving GCSE scores in the bottom few hundred country-wide. I had not really known anyone who would really engage me and encourage me to achieve in the areas I was most interested in. As such, I take great delight in helping those who were in a similar situation to a younger me, through private tutoring.


“Matthew is an incredible, intuitive, intelligent tutor. He engaged my daughter and taught her parts of the A-Level Economic syllabus she had disconnected with and failed at. In just a matter of months of tutoring her, her grades went from D’s to B’s. What Matthew is good at, is being consistent and systematic in his approach and delivery of lessons. He is so knowledgeable about the exam board, the way to attain marks and write essays. I thought it was fantastic how he made my daughter laugh and start enjoying the subject”

“Matthew is a brilliant tutor for Economics. He helped my son so much and improved his grade from a D in AS to an A in A Level. He provides the right resources and the right advice at the relevant times during your course. He planned his homework’s every week and would give constructive feedback in order to improve his overall grade. He is very friendly and has developed my sons confidence not only in Economics but also in general.”

“From the get-go in January, Matt vigilantly established all the topics and areas of Economics I was struggling with and set out a plan as to how he would go over them to increase my understanding. Matt was very polite and although he went at a reasonably fast pace, I found I was able to keep up with the content and complete all homework to a good standard – far, far better than I could have without the tuition. Overall, I was extremely happy with the tuition I received and found revision and the exams in general for economics less stressful. I’m delighted to say that I achieved an A* in my final exam which was up from a C grade at AS level. Thank you Matt!”
“After my daughter’s A level mock results, we asked Matthew if he could help her with ‘Economics’. With only 6 weeks before her exams, Matthew planned in double sessions, and I have to say that both my wife and I were extremely pleased with the way in which our Daughter learned from Matthew. We noticed how much my daughter’s understanding of the subject grew in such a short space of time.  His style is laid back to the point of not putting the student under too much pressure and I would totally recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tutor in Economics. Thank you Matthew.”
“Matt was a tutor who brought me from 0 to 100. With only two and a half months to go from the exams I was scoring straight U’s in class. With zero understanding of economics and it’s foundation, so this meant I had two years of catching up to do. Desperately trying to find a solution I got into contact with Matt, where he told me honestly where I was positioned and that it could be possible but difficult to do well in that exam. After many well planned sessions with Matt, where each lesson were specifically planned and so were homework’s, I gained the ability to build up my knowledge in a very short amount of time and enabled me to finish off the year scoring a High B with only 4 marks off an A.”
“After going through 3 Economics tutors before Matt I finally found a tutor with the level of skill and dedication that I required helping me achieve my best. Matt helped me achieve a high level A* in Economics through his use of fun, dynamic learning mixed with a curriculum tailored to my every need and request. Matt taught me almost the entirety of the second year course by himself with only 1 and a half hours a week and is honestly the only reason I achieved an A* in economics… in summation a student who is willing to put in the time, and wants to do well, whilst desiring a truly dedicated tutor who will give them results should go to Matt without hesitation, as there is without a doubt no tutor like him.”
“Matt is a fantastic tutor and is making a huge difference to Louis’ understanding and confidence. Plus he’s an all round lovely chap!”
“Matt is an excellent tutor with an abundance of patience and empathy and provides strong and constructive feedback. My son has gained significant confidence in economics as Matt was able to identify and fill in any gaps in his knowledge and also improve his exam technique by analysing questions together.”
“We have been as a parent extremely happy about Matt professionalism, his competency, consistency and experience teaching my daughter to boost her confidence with her subject, A-Level Economics. He is knowledgeable and very structured in his plan teaching the subject.”
“Matthew has only been tutoring my son in his A-Level Economics for a couple of weeks but is already having an impact. He has comprehensive files of support materials and gives excellent, detailed feedback on both exam questions worked on together as well as those done in school. He has given sound advice in Psychology A level revision as well. He has high expectations in terms of work set. He seems to have lit a fuse in terms of getting my son to understand how to revise in a smart way. Highly recommended – I hope he will agree to remain tutoring him for a few extra weeks.”
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