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Rawan is a fifth-year Medical Student at University College London (UCL), where he is pursuing an intercalated degree in Paediatrics and Child Health. His academic journey has been marked by excellence, achieving all A* at GCSE and A Level. This foundation has fuelled his passion for Biology, Chemistry and Maths, a passion he is eager to share with students.

Teaching Experience and Approach

Rawan is a veteran tutor of five years’ experience and offers a teaching approach that nurtures the drive and passion students need to achieve stellar grades in GCSEs and A-Levels and secure their place at university. His knowledge spans a broad spectrum of student levels in sciences and maths, alongside a proven track record in preparing students for the 11+ and 13+ exams, leveraging personal insights and strategies from his own experiences with these assessments, and he has assisted numerous children in gaining admission to top private and grammar schools.

Understanding the challenges and frustrations that come with learning, Rawan empathises deeply with students who feel stuck, emphasizing that it’s a common hurdle, yet surmountable with the right support. His teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that education should be tailored and flexible, adapting to the unique learning styles of each student. By designing specific activities and utilising diverse resources, he ensures that each tutoring session is engaging and effective, with over 700 hours of teaching validated by positive feedback from both parents and students.

Rawan focuses not on rote learning, but on mastering the content thoroughly, ensuring students don’t skim over crucial details. Recognising the importance of application, he regularly incorporates exam-style questions to bolster students’ ability to apply their knowledge. This approach underlines a commitment to not just teaching but empowering students to excel beyond the classroom, and capture those extra marks that distinguish a good from a great performance.

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