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Shishir studied at LSE where he completed his BSc in Economics, graduating with First-Class Honours. He also holds a MSc in Finance and Economics from LSE, where he was awarded a scholarship and achieved a Distinction. During his Master’s, Shishir was the number one ranked student out of 54 in the dissertation module with score of 91%.

Outside of tuition, Shishir is an Investment Banking Associate. He has extensive finance and economic policy experience, having previously worked as a Junior Economist at the United Nations Development Programme.


Shishir has worked as a professional tutor for over three years and has more than 300 hours of experience. His students consistently achieve high results over a short period of time with their confidence building on each lesson. Most recently, a second-year undergraduate economics student, who started lessons close to a month before exam season with very little confidence, achieved high first-class honours (79%) in both their microeconomics and macroeconomics final exams. Similarly, a second-year economics student achieved high First-Class honours (80% and 90%) in their econometrics exams following lessons with Shishir.

Shishir’s teaching style builds intuition and understanding using relatable examples before tackling the theory. Students are therefore able to gain a solid foundation from which they can apply the theory learnt to different settings. Understanding is developed and links created between topics using spot checks and Shishir re-visits ideas from previous lessons with his students in new and different contexts to make sure they fully understand the material. Interactivity is key to Shishir’s teaching style and he makes extensive use of online interactive whiteboards which allows lessons to grow organically with a student’s needs and promotes active learning. He also covers exam techniques to make sure that students effectively demonstrate their understanding and full potential to achieve the highest results possible.


I enjoy it! Tutoring allows me to contribute to and see the improvement in my student’s confidence and knowledge as our lessons progress. Students seek tutoring at a time where they require additional support and guidance, often when feeling lost and overwhelmed in class, so being able to break down the material in a way they understand is very rewarding. My passion for tutoring comes from hearing the success stories of my students as it motivates me to carry on combined with my economics and finance academic background. This has been reinforced as I gained work experience within both fields as it helped me bridge the gap between academic theory and practical use. Through tutoring, in addition to teaching my students the materials they need to succeed in their examinations I help them understand the practical uses of what they are learning. This makes the lessons fun and enjoyable for them.


“I approached Shishir last minute before exam season with very little confidence in the study material and very little time to learn it in. Through our lessons, within no time I had acquired an in depth understanding of all the material and felt calm, organised and prepared for the upcoming assessments. Shishir taught everything thoroughly and methodically and made the most complex concepts seem effortless. I went from finding economics a struggle and a headache to thoroughly enjoying the subject thanks to his informative, interesting and fun lessons.” Ms Sheinfeld, 2nd year undergraduate Economics

Post-tuition, Ms Sheinfeld achieved very high First Class Honours marks (79%) in both her microeconomics and macroeconomics final exams and is now on track to achieve an overall First Class Honours in her undergraduate degree.

“Shishir is a very good and enthusiastic tutor! Our lessons always go quickly because he explains everything in a very relaxed way and the material that seemed very difficult starts to make a lot more sense, which makes the subject more interesting. He has helped me immensely in my econometrics studies and I now feel a lot more confident about my upcoming assessments than before our lessons. Great job!” – Mr Derev, 2nd year undergraduate Econometrics

Post-tuition, Mr Derev achieved very high First Class Honours marks of 80% and 90% (both within the top 5% percent in his year group) in his mid-term econometrics exams.

“Shishir is a fantastic tutor. He teaches economics in a simple and intuitive way that makes it enjoyable to learn. He is very patient when it takes longer for you to understand something and puts the effort in to explain concepts in different ways. Shishir’s relaxed but informative and professional teaching style is also great as he makes you feel comfortable during lessons, which is so important in a teacher! I feel a lot more confident in my economics abilities after having been taught by him. I would definitely recommend Shishir to anyone who is struggling in economics!” – Ms Joury, postgraduate level game theory (microeconomics)

“Shishir is a brilliant tutor who makes sure that you fully understand and enjoy your subject. He is very patient and involves you throughout the lessons, explaining the material in different ways until you fully understand it. He simplifies difficult topics using relatable examples before introducing the technical details. I would highly recommend Shishir to anyone who needs help with economics or finance. He has given me a huge amount of confidence going into my exams and in dealing with coursework.” Mr Grigoriadis, undergraduate level Finance

“Shishir is a great tutor. His lessons are fun, engaging, interactive and structured in a way which allows you to actively absorb the material and easily stop and revisit a difficult topic. He is patient and provides numerous different examples when explaining things and understands that not everyone learns in the same way. Shishir is relaxed when teaching and encourages discussions. He uses a combination of an online interactive whiteboard and video to teach which is very helpful as I then have a set of notes after each lesson and can revisit them whenever I want. Shishir has contributed significantly to my understanding and made Economics fun! I feel much more confident going into my exams now and would highly recommend Shishir as a tutor”. Mr Becker, undergraduate level Economics

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