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With excellent grades in five A-Levels from a top Berkshire Grammar School, Waqar completed his BA (Hons) in Economics and went on to work for a London investment firm. His final year’s research at university included the European Monetary Union, Advanced Micro/Macroeconomic Issues and Econometrics


Waqar began teaching at a local tuition centre directly after A-Levels, initially KS3 and GCSE Maths and Sciences, and has been regularly helping students receive their target A-Level grades in Maths and Economics for the past three years.

Invited as guest lecturer to some of the best schools in Buckinghamshire and Surrey, Waqar has taught students from Harrow, Eton, Wycombe Abbey, Wellington and Collingham. His current regular students are studying for AQA, Edexcel and OCR A-Level Economics, A-level Maths, iGCSE Mathematics and Economics, Degree Level Micro and Macroeconomics and A-Level Government and Politics.

Having worked with a wide range of students, Waqar adapts his teaching to suit individuals, employing friendly and interactive techniques. With an outstanding grasp of the subject matter, he provides a variety of online resources to aid with revision and exam preparation.

Waqar also home schools students that have opted out of the education system due to mental health issues, medical treatments such as Chemotherapy and severe learning difficulties. Developing long-term relationships with these pupils, alongside a professional approach to lessons, allows him a thorough understanding of their needs.

To give his students the best chance of excelling at A-Levels, Waqar has worked on a number of revision guides and support material, creating shorthand summaries and detailed exam packs. He also provides them with magazine and newspaper articles on current Economic Issues. His students have access to all the support material they need, including exam techniques, essay structures, written and graded essays plus graphic analysis and a systematic analysis of the most complex topics in A-Level Economics and Politics.

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