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A-Level Edexcel Theme 1 Essay Pack


The Theme 1 Edexcel Essays booklet takes students through a number of Edexcel past paper questions and Expert Tuition predicted questions on a range of topics. The essays are written in more detail than would be expected by an A-Level student in an exam so that you can pick- and-choose between the various points covered per essay, but each paragraph of analysis or evaluation is done to ensure students pick up maximum marks.

Evaluate whether a minimum price on sugar would be more effective than taxation to help deal with the obesity crisis in the UK [25]

Evaluate the microeconomic effects of the government subsidising renewable energy. Use an appropriate diagram in your answer [25]

Evaluate the likely private benefits and external benefits of university education. Use an appropriate diagram in your answer [15] [June 2012]

Evaluate the impact of a guaranteed minimum price in the beef market on consumers and producers. Use an appropriate diagram in your answer [25] [AS Specimen Paper 1]

Evaluate whether the UK government should introduce a maximum price on rent in the housing market [25]

Using the concepts of external costs and market failure, examine the possible economic effects of farmers ‘burning more rainforest to turn land into cattle ranches and into fields for growing crops’. (Extract 2, lines 5–6). Use an appropriate diagram in your answer. [15] [January 2012]

With reference to Extract 2 and your own knowledge, assess the benefits of a system of tradable pollution permits for reducing carbon emissions [15] [January 2013]

The full version of the pack costs £15 (inc VAT) or £50 (inc VAT) for all 5 packs in this series (Theme 1, 2, 3, 4 and Paper 3).