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A-Level Edexcel Theme 4 Essay Pack


The Theme 4 Edexcel Essays booklet takes students through a number of Edexcel past paper questions and Expert Tuition predicted questions on a range of topics. The essays are written in more detail than would be expected by an A-Level student in an exam so that you can pick- and-choose between the various points covered per essay, but each paragraph of analysis or evaluation is done to ensure students pick up maximum marks.

Assess the causes of absolute poverty in a developing country of your choice. [25] [June 2011]

Assess the economics effects of the growth of trading blocs on the global economy [25] [June 2011]

Examine the causes on income and wealth inequality in the UK or any country of your choice. [25] [June 2010]

In the 2009 budget the UK government announced that a new 50% rate of income tax would be introduced in 2010. This creates marginal tax rates of 20%, 40% and 50%3, instead of two.

Evaluate the likely economic effects of this change in the tax structure. [25] [June 2010]

Evaluate the case for cutting public expenditure rather than raising taxes as a means of reducing fiscal deficits. [25] [June 2011]

Evaluate four ways in which economic growth and development might be promoted in developing countries [25] [June 2010]

Evaluate strategies that countries can adopt to correct a trade deficit [25]

In 2012, it was estimated that Japan’s national debt was equal to 214.3% of its GDP, and Greece’s national debt was equal to 161.3% of its GDP.

Evaluate the likely impact of measures which a government could take to reduce the economy’s national debt. Refer to a developed economy of your choice in your answer. [25] [Specimen Paper 2 Question 7]

The full version of the pack costs £15 (inc VAT) or £50 (inc VAT) for all 5 packs in this series (Theme 1, 2, 3, 4 and Paper 3).