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A-Level Edexcel Theme 2 Essay Pack


The Theme 2 Edexcel Essays booklet takes students through a number of Edexcel past paper questions and Expert Tuition predicted questions on a range of topics. The essays are written in more detail than would be expected by an A-Level student in an exam so that you can pick- and-choose between the various points covered per essay, but each paragraph of analysis or evaluation is done to ensure students pick up maximum marks.

Evaluate the likely effects on the UK’s current account of the balance of payments of changes in consumption, investment and the exchange rate of the pound sterling (£), as shown in Figures 1 and 2. [15] [January 2011]

With reference to Extracts A and B and your own knowledge, discuss whether the MPC should be concerned about the risk of deflation in the UK economy [15] [June 2016]

Evaluate the use of supply side policies to increase economic growth in the UK [15]

Evaluate clashes between macroeconomic policy objectives. [25]

To what extent is the policy of reducing the ‘fiscal (budget) deficit’ (Extract 2, line 7) helping the government to achieve its macroeconomic objectives? [25] [June 2013]

During the Global Financial Crisis, fiscal stimulus was used in many economies to aid economic recovery.

Evaluate the extent to which a fiscal stimulus package should be used to promote economic recovery in times of recession. [25]

Evaluate the macroeconomic effects of the Bank of England’s monetary policies since 2008 [25]

The full version of the pack costs £15 (inc VAT) or £50 (inc VAT) for all 5 packs in this series (Theme 1, 2, 3, 4 and Paper 3).