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A-Level Edexcel Theme 3 Essay Pack


The Theme 3 Edexcel Essays booklet takes students through a number of Edexcel past paper questions and Expert Tuition predicted questions on a range of topics. The essays are written in more detail than would be expected by an A-Level student in an exam so that you can pick- and-choose between the various points covered per essay, but each paragraph of analysis or evaluation is done to ensure students pick up maximum marks.

Discuss ways in which intervention by the Competition & Markets Authority might promote economic efficiency in markets [15]

Discuss whether profit maximisation is a realistic business goal? [25]

To what extent does the threat of competition affect a firm’s behaviour? Answer either with reference to the healthcare product industry or to an industry of your choice [25] [June 2011]

Assess how the newly combined Kraft and Cadbury food company could increase its share of the chocolate market in competition with Mars. Refer to game theory in your answer [15] [June 2011]

With reference to the information provided, evaluate whether Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury is likely to increase economic efficiency [15] [June 2011]

Using examples from the Extracts, assess the degree of monopsony power in the groceries market [15] [June 2012]

To what extent is price discrimination possible for firms selling products both on the internet and in high street shops?

To what extent does the evidence suggest that the US car market is contestable? [15] [June 2012]

Discuss two possible government measures to improve the mobility of labour in the coal mining industry [12] [January 2013 [Unit 1]]

The full version of the pack costs £15 (inc VAT) or £50 (inc VAT) for all 5 packs in this series (Theme 1, 2, 3, 4 and Paper 3).